A bit of background

I want to give a bit of background to how I got to where I am now – which is the beginning of attempting to go through the process of starting a business.

I’ve said in my first post that I’ve always wanted to have a business, but somehow or the other despite my many business ideas I was never able to push through to the point of getting to the business plan stage and working through it. I’ve realised now why this is the case, and I think it’s important. The business ideas I’ve previously always had (whether they could objectively be considered good or not) were not ideas that were true to me. I’ve had so many app ideas, and tech ideas, which is insane because prior to today I’m such a luddite I didn’t even have a twitter or instagram account (I’ve now opened them as part of tracking this whole process). I’ve also had ideas that I was sure if I got funding they would be millionaire making, but again, not ideas that I cared much for. It was only a few weeks ago when I was thinking about something that I would really find useful, that I really needed, and that I thought other people could really benefit from as well that, for the first time, I had an idea that I cared about. That wasn’t about the money. that spoke to me and was true to me.

I have no idea what will come of this whole process, but I now know that it is only when you have an idea that calls to you and speaks to you, and that you feel passionate about irrespective of success or money, that you will begin to get clarity in the process and the motivation to start to see things through.

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